Sailing away.

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Well, we're off on another adventure tomorrow! Bryan and I decided to take advantage of the way low cruise prices these days and we're headed to Cozumel on a 4-day cruise. Bryan's never been on a cruise and I haven't been on one since I graduated from college, so I think it will be fun! I'm interested to see how Bryan likes it compared to just going somewhere and staying there for a while. Curious to see what I think after all these years, too!

The cruise leaves from New Orleans tomorrow and returns on Monday. I'd like to take a second to thank Air Tran for making it a couple hundred dollars more expensive to fly out on Monday, because that meant that it made more sense for us to stay Monday night in NOLA and leave Tuesday--and we LOVED the food in New Orleans when we were there last year and have been drooling over muffalettas and jambalaya and beignets since we booked the trip. Actually since before that--we talk about New Orleans' food regularly. Ha! So we're looking forward to getting to eat a few times in New Orleans, too. :)

Photos from our last trip to NOLA. :)

See you when we get back!

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