girls' night out in chester, va

tonight me and some girlfriends headed down to the metropolis that is chester, virginia for a girly evening out. after stopping by my dad's house to let the cat in and cleaning up her lovely 2 foot long spew of vomit, my friend jodie and i met friends krystyna and leslie at pietro's for some pizza. pietro's has always been THE pizza joint in chester as far as i am concerned. i believe i have been going there since i was born, possibly before. then, after stuffing ourselves, we headed to the incredibly fancy chester cinemas. okay, not fancy. in fact, this is an old school theater where the seats don't even recline and are not arranged stadium style! and it looks exactly like it did throughout my youth, when the freaking chester cinema was THE cool place to be on any given weekend night. the whole evening was very nostalgic for me, so i decided i just had to take a picture to commemorate the return to my high school years...

in other weekend news, yesterday began the process of adjusting the dress to fit my body at my first fitting for my wedding gown, added a few things to the registry, saw an old friend, and bryan and i went to the sports park near us for the first time (we've only been down the street from it for 3 years or so, come on!) and played miniature golf. unfortunately, i really suck at the mini-golf. (i tried to play it off like i let him win, but when it takes you 8 strokes on a par 2 miniature golf hole, it's kinda hard to pretend you actually know what you're doing).

we then came home and watched "blazing saddles," which is quite possibly the most politically incorrect but hillarious movie ever made. well, most of it is hillarious. every time we've ever watched it i fall asleep for the last 20 minutes or so, but i assume those minutes are just as funny as the rest...

bryan has headed to west virginia to brave the white waters of the new river tomorrow... i feel like a starry eyed goofball, but even though we've only been apart for 6 hours and he'll be back tomorrow night, i miss him! everyone tells me marriage will cure that, but i can't say i'd mind if i was this in love forever... :)

enough of that... i'm gonna go watch me some late-night law and order.

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Badges? We don' need no steenkin' badges.