it's good to learn stuff.

so, i spent the past three days in a grantwriting course. three all-day trainings to teach me how to write fabulous proposals that win lots of money. and you know what? i actually feel like i learned something! while this may seem like a given, i must say that most trainings i go to leave me knowing about as much or less as i did when i walked in the door. not this time. money well spent, i hope. now if i can just rake in some more contract grant writing jobs at $50/hr, i'll be doing good. :)

this week i've been trying to work on addressing the invitations, but it seems like something always comes up that's more fun than that... neighbors to chat with, softball games to attend, moms to talk to on the phone... i have managed, however, to do a few a night and hopefully can get a bunch in on sunday, since they are supposed to go out at the end of next week. ack!

speaking of next week... so much to do! my bridal shower is here at our house next saturday, and since most people who are coming haven't been to my house but a few times if at all, i've got a bit of serious cleaning to do. and then the invitations... and a million other things i've been procrastinating on...

this weekend, however, i will try not to think about all that. in a couple hours, we are headed to five oak, my friend sara's parents' log home in nelson county, for some camping out and then tubing on the james river tomorrow! i am sure it won't compare to bryan's white water rafting trip of a few weeks ago, but i think it will be fun and relaxing... and maybe i'll even get some sun on these pasty white legs...

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