hello darlin'...

it's been a long time since i posted! but i hope you will understand that i have been one crazy busy lady. i like it that way, but i've missed my little blog world... :)

so, lucky you, you won't have to listen to all of the boring details you would have had i been posting daily, but i will summarize the past week and a half for you. it's been eventful...

  • last weekend (2 weekends ago, i guess), we went up to my friend sara's parents' home in nelson county--five oak--for a relaxing weekend. we had a great time, and a very relaxing four-mile float down the james river. unfortunately, the dragon flies that kept landing on us must have enjoyed chowing down on sunscreen, because we all got a bit burnt. i burn really strangely--giant splotches. they're finally fading, thank goodness. the two splotches on my left calf turned a bizarre shade of purple after they were red... gotta love being super pale.
  • sunday, monday and tuesday evenings i diligently addressed my wedding invitations in my best attempt at calligraphy. i was very proud to have them ready for my buddies to come over on thursday and help me stuff them for a friday ship off.
  • wednesday our neighbors (for another week or so) and former neighbors and us all went to bryan's softball game (one of our former neighbors plays, too). we had a great time and i drank a couple beers since i was taking thursday and friday off. i may have heckled the other team. i am not sure where i got this from, but i am a heckler by nature. i just really get a kick out of saying things to the other team. nothing too mean. it was fun, though. :)
  • got home and realized that we had all missed bryan falling and slamming his head on the ground, causing what was definitely a mild concussion. i was really worried about him for a couple of days. he went to work thursday and was so out of it that on friday, one of the guys from the power station called to check on him (he had taken the day off). anytime the guys that work at a power station are worried about you, you know it's bad. thankfully by sunday he was better.
  • thursday: cleaned like a madwoman, ran some errands and home to finish the invitations, right? wrong. discovered after stamping about 80 of them with $.63 stamps that the damn printer gave me the wrong sized envelope for the outer envelopes. they were the same size as the inner envelopes. so there went 6 hours or so of calligraphy and $50 worth of stamps. thankfully i went to the printer on friday and they called and had the company they ordered them through overnight me the correct envelopes. so guess what lydia spent her free time doing this weekend. readdressing all the invitations. they are, however, ready to go out today. so it's to the post office with me after work!
  • friday: what the hell did i do on friday. oh! dress fitting and shopping. duh. and some more cleaning, and my future in-laws arrived and we had dinner at friendly's. fun. :)
  • saturday: my first bridal shower! how fun! it was great to see everyone and, i must admit, tons of fun to get all those presents. :) this picture is me with the awesome basket of kitchen stuff my mom got me. i got so many great things... and i get to have ANOTHER shower in 2 saturdays in pennsylvania! this being a bride thing rocks. i need to get preggers right away so i can do it again with the baby showers and stuff. KIDDING!
  • sunday: took my mom and her friend mario and bryan's parents up to see the ceremony and reception sites and had lunch downtown, then went for a little motorcycle ride. i can tell my mom is going to be the one forcing me to think of all the details i have managed to sort of brush off.... questions like, "how are we getting here?" "are you putting anything on this mantle?" gotta love the mother of the bride... and rely on her to keep you on your toes! :)
oh, and HOW COULD I FORGET?! friday. WE BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!!! we will be staying at the el dorado royale resort in riviera maya, mexico. it is a spectacular all-inclusive resort with 24-hour room service, hammocks on every balcony, little palapas (read: grass canopies) on the beach that you can lay under so you don't get roasted by the caribbean sun. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... i can not WAIT! special thanks to our benefactors who are providing this trip as our wedding present... you know who you are!

we are less than 2 months away... i am so excited. and now that the invitations and honeymoon are taken care of, i gotta figure out what the next task is...

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