i want a pool in my backyard.

yesterday we went over to one of bryan's co-worker's house for a dip in the pool after work. for some reason, this year i have been itching to have a pool in my backyard more than ever. maybe it is because i actually have a backyard. maybe it is because i need somewhere to attempt to bronze this pasty white skin a bit before the wedding. maybe it's just because pools are awesome. i must say, however, that i would probably not be so big on the cleaning of the pool every day. so maybe it's a good thing we don't have one...

the people whose house we were at have a jack russell terrier who they put a life jacket on when he wants to get in the pool. the life jacket has a handle, so you can pick him up like a purse or a briefcase. it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen. and boy, did that dog love it. :) unfortunately he ran around on the concrete with too-wet claws and paws for a bit too long and wore them down to the point that they were bleeding! but did that stop him? nope! he would have kept on running around if his dad hadn't put him in the garage... too much fun for him.

last night i began the very large task of addressing the invitations. i did two. i need to get some girls together for an assembly party, but since i'm picky and want to write all the addresses myself, i'm thinking i need to do that part before having people over. just need to make myself do it a few at a time, and it'll all come together...

tomorrow we're heading up to penn state, bryan's alma mater, for the weekend. should be a good time!

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