wow, i have been slacking on the blogging for the past week!

we spent a nice 4th of july attempting to register at home depot (even though we really want to register at lowe's, but their system isn't ready yet). it's times like that that i realize how spoiled we are by technology. instead of handing us a scan gun and sending us out in the store, they handed us a piece of paper and a pen and told us to write down the sku numbers of what we want, then they'll put it in their system, then we have to go online and re-enter everything if we want anyone to be able to see our registry somewhere other than that particular store. so, we are still deciding if that is worth it... afterwards, we went over to our neighbors' for a cookout & then watched some fireworks.

yesterday we finally got around to taking the motorcycle down to see my cousin shane, who we have been intending to ask to be one of bryan's groomsmen for ages but just finally got around to doing. it was great to see shane and his girlfriend and the motorcycle riding was great. shane has a harley and so after lunch he led us to the colonial parkway and rode with us for a bit. i had never been on this road--runs past the york river and through yorktown and all... it was really pretty! then we found ourselves in jamestown, where we got on the jamestown ferry to go back across the river. i hadn't been on the ferry since i was probably 6 or 7, so that was fun. :)

on our ride yesterday we went through very rural parts of virginia--ham and peanut country. i couldn't help but notice all the old dilapidated buildings... houses, stores, warehouses... i kept wondering what must have happened to make people abandon these buildings... did they lose their jobs? run out of customers? find a better building? i just think it's weird for people to just up and leave a building and let it rot out. very curious to me. but that type of building is everywhere... where are the people that once occupied them?

eh, anyway... something about being on the back of a bike with the wind in my face makes me kind of philosophical, i guess.

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