Cheery Money.

Last night I made a relatively easy, crisp hundred dollar bill by spending a couple hours in a room with 12 other ladies talking about Cheerwine. Ever heard of it? It's a cherry-y soda made by the peeps at Coca-Cola, but I'm pretty sure it basically never makes it past the Virginia-North Carolina border. I partook of this cherry goodness as a teen on occasion, but honestly probably haven't seen it since the mid-nineties. It's decent... kind of like Dr. Pepper only cherry-ier. The thing I went to last night was a focus group for the beverage, basically I think they are trying to expand their market and they've got this idea of making it the go to beverage when you want to relax & unwind and have no stress. We hated to do it to them, but at the end when they started asking us what we thought of all these other sodas, we pretty much told them we're not switching from our regular cola of choice. Luckily they didn't care and they still gave us our $100 on the way out the door.

Some highlights of the evening:

-We had to fill out a survey when we came in, and the lady hands us a clipboard with the papers, a pencil and a pack of crayons. Yep, crayons. On page 2 we had to draw a picture that showed "what we want to feel like when drinking our favorite non-alcoholic beverage." And then we had to do show and tell, which I think was a little embarassing for us all, considering we pretty much all drew pictures worthy of 6th graders. No offense to any of the other ladies, mine was in that category too. (For the record, I drew a summer cookout scene... you know, you wanna feel happy, satisfied, relaxed, having fun... blah blah blah.)

-They are considering a sort of incentive program for drinking Cheerwine, kind of like Coke Rewards I guess. We got a list of potential "prizes" that included "free meat for the grill" ("meat" is just not an attractive word when it comes to being a prize) and "CheerRoma Therapy Candles." Ha! CheerRoma! We all thought gas cards would be the best and I think the dudes leading the focus group asked us about 100 times how gas cards related to the "relax & enjoy... no stress" mantra they were going for. DUH! Gas is expensive, which is stressful, so if the gas is free, one less stress!

-At the end, one guy gave us the name of a soda and we had to say what came to mind, then say what kind of person that soda would be were it human. See if you agree with what we came up with:
-Coke: Man in his 30s, drives a Honda Accord
-Pepsi: Woman in her 20's, drives a Mustang Convertible
-Sprite: Woman in her 30's, drives a mini-SUV
-Fresca: Woman in her 50's, drives a Lincoln Continental
-Mountain Dew: Boy in his teens, drives a BMX bike
-Dr. Pepper: Man in his 50's, drives a BMW


Anonymous said...

Some of the "stuff" you manage to get into proves that old saying about "I'll try any thing once." You never cease to amaze me. Jimmy and Cassandra liked it as kids. It's made about 20 miles from here.
Loads of love, Aunt Brenda

Cassandra said...

I would list Mountain Dew as the drink of choice for the average redneck in a wife beater, with summer teeth (some are here some are there)and a nascar T-shirt. haha

Cheerwine is independent and not owned by Coke. But the rumor is the Cadbury folks will buy them.

Mymsie said...

Sounds fun! I missed Cheerwine so much when my family moved from NC to WI. The Cheeroma therapy candles sound like a good idea but I'm with you on meat prizes. :)