Christmas bells seem to be ringing early...

I don't know what it is. Maybe that my cousin Cassandra put up her Christmas tree with her son Spencer the first weekend in November. Maybe it's that my friend Krystyna got me to go Christmas shopping with her this past weekend and it's not even Thanksgiving. Maybe it's the commercial machine that started airing Christmas-themed commercials the day after Halloween. Whatever it is, I am ready for Christmas to be here SUPER EARLY this year.

I mean, seriously, I can't remember the last time I purchased more than one Christmas gift before Thanksgiving, and I have already purchased several and have a couple of ideas for other ones I'm buying soon! And I am itching something fierce to start decorating for the holidays, but I am determined to wait until at least this weekend, after Thanksgiving. This weekend I got some really cute votive candleholders that are going to go so well with my Christmas decor... is it some kind of rule that the older you get the more into holiday decorating you get? 'Cause that seems to be happening to me. Maybe it's just that I'm accumulating so much fun Christmas stuff... who knows.

Of course, getting the Christmas tree down is going to be an interesting experience. Last year Bryan decided it was going up in our attic. Only problem is, the access to our attic is just one of those hole in the ceiling deals, and our tree is one of those 9-ft tall pre-lit monsters. So he had to install a pulley system to get it up there. When I mentioned getting it down soon over the weekend, he groaned and reminded me that that "damned Christmas tree" is why he fell through the ceiling last spring installing the tv in our bathroom. (DAD: I am going to have to schedule you to come over to our house to help Bryan get the tree down, you free Sunday? :) )

Anyway, first and foremost is Turkey Day.... I've been craving Thanksgiving dinner for about a week and a half now. Bring it on!


WahooBubba said...

Have no fear!!! DaddyDog is very near!!! Help is on the way!!!!

Cassandra said...

Spencer has a snowball effect (seasonal pun intended)-- several folks we know have put trees up early this year! Your tree looks beautiful!