Wahoowa! And, Arrrgggg, Matey!

Well, Saturday was a very busy day for yours truly. And what a beautiful fall day to be so busy!

The day began with me hauling myself out of bed before 8am on a Saturday (say WHA?!). For a good cause, of course--spending the day with my dad at the UVA v. Wake Forest football game! I was excited to spend some daddy/daughter time with my dad, and of course to see my dear Wahoos take on a big ACC rival! Somehow our team has done super well this year, literally by the skin on their teeth. But I like it! My dad has had season tickets for the football games since I started school there 11 years ago (again, say WHA?!!), and I try to go at least once a year, but sometimes time slips away before I can find a game I can go to. Not this year! We made it up to Charlottesville a little early and had lunch at Durty Nelly's, where they certainly don't make an effort not to live up to their name. :) Then it was to the stadium for some intense football from the Cardiac Kids, aka Virginia Cavalier Football Team!

The 'Hoos were leading by one point and Wake Forest went to kick a field goal with 2 seconds left in the game. I held my head and prayed "Please, please, please, please" and couldn't watch, and then, miraculously, the kicker missed!!! We won! Of course, the boys had to kneel down and pray after that one!!

We headed home in a great mood, and made it back in time for me to make a quick trip to the Halloween store for some discount costumes so Bryan and I would have something to wear to the Halloween party we were going to that night. The party was chez Traci and Steven, a friend and former co-worker from my Arthritis Foundation days.

At the costume store, I wandered around until deciding that Bryan and I would be Pirate and Wench. And yes, I was dressed a little... provocatively, but hey, I'm still in my 20's, gotta milk it for all it's worth, right? :)
Here's me with the hostess, the pregnant Traci/Flava Flav. Isn't she a cute pregnant lady? :)
And Bryan and me with a couple friends from the Arthritis Foundation, Erica and Susan.
And finally, one last picture with the jack o' lanterns before we move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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