Grammar Police

Today I went to the mexican cart outside our building for lunch (we have many street vendors). I had to stand in line for a while, and the longer I stood there, the more annoyed I got. The cart is new, so for a while they just had a dry erase board with a hand-written menu. Well, since the last time I was there, they got a sign professionally made. And one of the items was TACO'S.

If you're not as crazed as I am about grammar*, you may not recognize that that apostrophe is totally WRONG**. You don't put in an apostrophe to make something plural. I know people make mistakes, so generally I just overlook this sort of thing, but this was on a SIGN. A PERMANENT SIGN.

So I peeled off the apostrophes--on both signs. I'll consider that my random act of kindness for the day.

Oh, they also had 12' tortillas for their burritos (that would be 12 FEET, not 12 INCHES, which would be 12"). I couldn't figure out any way to fix that though. And that will just be humorous to grammar/punctuation nazis like me***. Whereas the apostrophes were just plain offensive. :)

*Being crazed about grammar does NOT mean I never make grammatical errors. Because I do. Especially that whole "don't use a preposition at the end of a sentence thing." But I do that because I want to. ;-)

**If this is a new lesson to you, and you care to learn more about the proper use of an apostrophe, you can click here.

***Some of those people have a blog.


JYNX'd said...

too bad you didnt stick the apostrophe you peeled off next to the 12'to make it grammatically correct too! maybe it has something to do with your maiden name?? (dont correct me..i know its spelled differently..OH NO..i forgot some apostrophes in this message! dude, my blog must KILL you!

Kim said...

Sooo funny. I am that way, and so is Cassandra. We get personally offended somehow when we see stupid grammar mistakes. I love that you went the extra mile to correct it! Woo hoo!

Mymsie said...

Blasted apostrophe misuse! My boss puts quotes around "EVERYTHING" and it drives me nuts!!

Cassandra said...

My favorite typo I see all the time: Your a looser