Damn you, Nine West!

I am a girl with self control when it comes to internet shopping. I get all kinds of emails with advertisements from my favorite stores, but usually I just delete them or browse and don't buy. Like I said, self control.

Today, however, I happened to open an email from Nine West. It was titled "What to Crave: Fall Hot 9 Report." Well, I like to at least see what the trends are, so I opened it up for a little inspiration. First on the list was this:

And while something tells me some of you are going to think it's hideous, I LOVE THAT PURSE. And turquoise is my favorite color. And I WANT IT.

So for once, I decided, screw it, I'm going to go buy myself that purse.

And, wouldn't you know, the turquoise is sold out.

BASTARDS! Just over 12 hours after you send out the email and already all you have for me is boring brown? That purse is not cute in brown! Well, not as cute anyway!


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