Mixed Bag Weekend

The Good:

Bryan's Birthday
Friday was my dear hubby's birthday. He was off that day (he has every other Friday off), and I was shocked to come home to find he had not only cleaned up the house, but he had also done laundry, and gotten his hair cut, AND fixed my car! Um, honey, can we pretend it's your birthday every day? :) To celebrate, we met up with some of our friends for Mexican in Chester. Normally I avoid embarassing server-led birthday songs, but since I hadn't made Bryan a cake, I figured he needed some kind of birthday dessert, so I told the servers. Well, they got into it. After serenading him while moving his chair in time to their beat, the one dude even fed him a bite, getting whipped cream all over him. Bryan pretended to be amused.

Kim's Farewell Party
My friend Kim and her boyfriend Guillermo are heading back to Guillermo's home country of Mexico to live for a while, so their going away party was Saturday. Kim was, believe it or not, my French teacher in 9th and 10th grades. She had just finished college at JMU and got a job at Bath County High School, and we bonded over being Richmond girls in a very, very small town. Kim became a big sister/mentor to me in the early years, but as we have gotten older, we have become great friends. Kim introduced the whole wide world to me at a time when my world seemed very small, and I credit her with my love of travel and my open-armed perspective of all things foreign. We usually manage to get together at least once every few months, but I guess now Bryan and I will have to work her into our travel plans. :)

Heather's Birthday
My cousin Heather turns 26 today, and she invited us over to celebrate with her and her pals on Saturday, too. We were only able to make a short appearance because we got there late and all the spring chickens were getting ready to go out downtown. We are so far removed from the bar scene that we bowed out and headed home. It was fun to see Heather in her own setting, since usually when we see each other the gatherings are family oriented. Not that she was any different than she is around family, it was just cute to see her being a grown up. Because I still think of her as my "little cousin" Heather most times. :)

Finishing Invitations
Yesterday morning, after what I calculated to be about 12 hours of writing, I finished Sara's invitations! Woohoo!! I handed them off to her mom yesterday evening, and won't mess with that calligraphy pen again until... well, until I do her place cards. Ha! It was funny, though, last night my hand didn't know what to do with itself... I picked up my journal to write and found myself having little internal freak outs when my letters weren't formed perfectly. Took me about five minutes to settle into "normal" handwriting!

Cleaning House
After the invitations were done, it was cleaning time. Luckily Bryan had done the pre-cleaning on Friday, so I was able to zip around and get quite a bit done. I'm so much more at peace when my house is clean!

The Bad:

Philadelphia Eagles
My Eagles just could not pull out a win against the Bears last night. This made me sad, so I went to sleep all grumpy. I mean, seriously, I need at least ONE of my teams to win, because...

The Ugly:

UVA Football
Oh, dear Lord. Being beat 31-3 is horribly embarassing. But when you are beat 31-3 by DUKE?! Who hadn't won an ACC game since 2004?! I can not tell you enough how glad I am that I did not see this game. My husband thought he was being cute yesterday when he handed me a late summer issue of Maxim magazine that listed the worst teams in college football. "Look, honey, see, your team isn't one of the worst ones!" Yes, this sounds cute when I tell you that UVA did not appear on this list. But when I turned the page and saw that the #1 worst team was Duke? Yeah, not so cute. In fact, worthy of a kick in the shin. I am officially joining the "Fire Al Groh" bandwagon. Who's with me?

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JYNX'd said...

GO DUKE!!!!!! DUKE ROCKS!!! GO BLUE DEVILS!!!! oh sorry..this isnt my blog. sorry. peace be with you. (shhhh...go duke!}