Sara's Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston

Two weekends ago, I traveled down 95 to Charleston, SC to celebrate the impending non-bachelorettehood of my dear friend Sara. Sara and her fiance Jason will tie the knot in November, but we decided to get together while it was still summer and we could all get away for a girls' weekend.

From our hostess Jen's lovely screened in porch, to our horse drawn carriage ride around downtown Charleston, to drinks on a rooftop bar, to drool-worthy dinner at High Cotton, to hanging out in our PJs just chatting--it was a wonderful weekend! The only thing about it? Too short! I can't wait to get back down to Charleston to see more of this lovely town. Maybe next time there won't be a hurricane coming up the coast that keeps us from the beach.

And what a great throwback to my younger days to have a weekend-long slumber party with just the ladies! It's funny, us girls grow up having sleepovers all the time, then we get older and get married or partnered off and we don't do that anymore. This was a nice reminder of how important my girlfriends are, and how much fun we had WITHOUT BOYS! :) (Even though we all love 'em to bits now!!)


j bird said...

How do you make those cool photo collage thingys???

nikole said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Yay, Sara!

nikole said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Yay, Sara!

mark lawrence said...

Really adorable bachelorette party! Anyway, my sister’s bachelorette is also going to be celebrated at one of private party Venues in NYC. I will help her with decorations and have made DIY crafts for that. I am sure it would be a successful bash.