Congratulations, Rich and Kristy!

Phew! Over the weekend, we attended the sixth and final wedding of our Whrilwind Wedding Tour, which commenced back at the beginning of August. We think we are done for a while, as we don't know any other engaged people right now.

This weekend's festivities were in celebration of the marriage of our friends Rich and Kristy. Rich and Bryan work together at Chesterfield Power Station, and we spent a few days with the two of them at Snowshoe last winter (you recall the skiing debacle?) and then again when we were in Vegas/the Grand Canyon this summer. They are adorable and totally smitten with each other, and both are just great people. It was truly a joy to see them say their vows!

Maria, another of Bryan's co-workers from CPS, was the only other person in the Dominion crew to make it up, so we banded together and enjoyed the evening. Possibly the best part was the homemade Amish peanut butter and homemade bread that Kristy's mom made for EVERYONE AT THE WEDDING to take home as our wedding favor. Let me tell you, those Amish know a thing or two about peanut butter!!!!!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! You can check out the rest of my pictures by clicking on this link.

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Anonymous said...

OHHHH YEESSSS!!!! that peanut butter was the best ever!!! i almost eat it all that night cause i couldn't sleep and i was starving! then i continue eating the next day! hahaha! I so gonna ask Rich & Kristy to bring more on the visits back to Amish home!