Leisure in Excess

So you would think having two weeks off would result in me posting regularly on my blog. Yeah, not so much. Something about not having to work makes me not want to do ANYTHING, or trying to catch up on EVERYTHING, and then you throw some holidays in there and, well, all this "lady of leisure" stuff turns into me not even wishing you people a Merry Christmas.

We also sucked at taking pictures of the Christmas festivities this year, so I haven't even bothered to upload those pics yet. But I vow to do so before I go back to work on Monday and tell you all about our holidays. At this point I just kind of figured I'd wait until New Year's Eve concludes and jam it all in one. :)

Ooh, and since I am actually posting on a day where it is timely...



Nikole said...

Happy new year!

WahooBubba said...

2 weeks sure does go by fast doesn't it? Happy New Year!