Party Hoppers

The first weekend of December, Bryan and I were total party hoppers. We had three Christmas parties in two days! You'd think we are a lot more popular than we really are. ;-)

Party #1: Grandma's Annual Tree Trimming Party

Every year, the Grammer family gathers at Grandma's to undertake the giant task of decorating her tree. It's not that the tree is so big, it's that she has about a million ornaments. Okay, I'm exaggerating. No more than 100,000. This year, in spite of being sick and coming straight from work, Bryan was the one to get the ornament-placing moving. He put on three ornaments, starting the trend, and then stepped back and let everyone else do all the work. I thought he was just really motivated to decorate, but then I found out that he was really just trying to get everyone out of the kitchen so he had the table full of food all to himself. Clever, that one.

My dad took a picture with him even though he was wearing his Eagles Santa hat:

And, of course, had to get the Grammer Family Elders in a picture... here's Aunt Irma, Uncle George, and Grandma:

Party #2: Chesterfield Power Station Christmas Party

Saturday night we had two parties, the first of which was Bryan's work party. We figured we wouldn't stay long, because only one of our normal crew was going to be there. Everyone else was either just out of the hospital, home with their 3 month old, on their honeymoon, or not working there anymore. What we failed to remember, though, is that people who work at the power station know how to throw down. So I got caught up in the dancing and we ended up staying for quite a while.

Party #3: Todd & Sarah's Christmas Party

Thankfully, our last party of the weekend was just down the street from the work party. Todd & Sarah used to live in our neighborhood, and their Christmas party is always a good time. Usually it involves a fair bit of drinking and the night ending in Sarah and I (and whoever else we can drag in) dancing in the living room. This year was no different. Although I think it does get tamer and tamer the older we get...

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