Pre-Christmas List

1. Yesterday was my last day of work until January 5. Yes, people. TWO WEEKS OFF! And because I am a state employee who works at a university, I only have to use TWELVE HOURS OF LEAVE! The rest is all holiday pay! Well, wait, I *did* only have to use 12 hours of leave. But then the governor decided to give us an additional 8 hours of holiday leave, so now I only have to use 4. And can I just say, Tim Kaine, that those eight extra hours MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR the fact that you've decided not to give me a raise until 2010? Really.

Ok, not really. But I get that we're in shit shape as far as our state budget goes, so... whatevs, I guess.

2. I have not come close to finishing my Christmas shopping yet. But I had my work holiday party here at our house last weekend, so the week before that was spent frantically cleaning and decorating, then this past week I did get *some* stuff done, but I started realizing that I had this whole weekend plus Monday and Tuesday to get it done, so... my motivation waned. After I finish this I'm going downstairs to make another list, this one of who I have left to buy for and where I might find something awesome to give each of them. The good news is I do generally know what I want to get people. Except maybe 2 people. But it'll come to me! ;)

3. We are not pregnant yet, so please, no one expect baby related gifts this year. And that's all I'm going to say about that. I wasn't going to say anything, but enough people know now that we're trying that I'd rather just have you know ahead of time that there are no little Christmas miracles in my womb. Perhaps a Martin Luther King, Jr. day miracle will occur... or Valentine's Day... or maybe St. Patrick's Day... Easter???? :)

4. I realized yesterday that I am pissed at cnn.com. I was all excited to see the giant-ass moon last night, and when Bryan and I were trying to figure out if he had to stay home for our moon date or if he could go play poker with some of the guys, we looked up the article again and realized the freaking full moon was LAST Friday! And I saw that stupid article in my CNN QuickNews on MONDAY MORNING! Assholes.

Thankfully we realized that we WERE out on a date last Friday night and that we DID see the moon. And we even commented how huge and awesome it was. So... I guess that's alright. :)

5. I have the last three episodes of Dexter to watch at some point over this break. Last night I finished watching this season of True Blood, and thought I might launch right into Dexter, but then I realized that I wanted to watch all three at once, and I didn't want to stay up until 2am. And then now, I am considering turning it on, but Bryan will probably be up before I can get through all three episodes and he doesn't really watch Dexter, so I won't get through all three. The point of all this is that this show is so freaking good that I know I'll be an addict once it's on and so I have to schedule three hours of my life where I can have no interruptions and focus solely on the crazy homicidal life of Dexter Morgan. And even I can admit that's weird. But there's nothing I can do to change it! I'm thinking perhaps Monday... but then again, I doubt I'll be able to hold out that long.

6. Did I mention I have TWO WEEKS OFF?!?!!! Hooray!!!

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