I'm picky about my potties.

I'm not what you would consider a germophobe, butI do have a low tolerance for gross bathrooms. And somehow lately, the one on my floor has increasingly disgusted me. From The Tinkler who leaves her yellow abstract watercolor all over the seat, to the woman having her "time of the month" who missed the bowl somehow (true story), to just the general nastiness of toilets that often don't flush on the first try: it's truly barf inspiring.

A couple of months ago, just before the medical school was set for accreditation, they redid the bathroom on the first floor. It is now a state of the art ladies' room, with like SIX STALLS (versus the usual one or two), bright lights that don't make you feel like you have jaundice, and it even has paper seat covers! Obviously, it is inconvenient for me to go down to the first floor from the twelfth floor every time I need to do my business, but lately I find myself sensing the need to visit the little girls room and subsequently thinking, "Oh, I need to go out of the building to do such-and-such, I can use the first floor bathroom on the way!" Because, really, it is just so much more pleasant to use a bathroom that doesn't render you nauseated.

The best thing about the first floor bathroom:

The Xlerator hand dryer. Holy crap, have you seen these things? I was first introduced at Buffalo Wild Wings a while back. It's a hand dryer that actually DRIES YOUR HANDS! And it doesn't just dry them, it dries them FAST! You put your hands under that sucker and it is like your own personal wind tunnel. The water droplets just fly away like you're standing behind a jet engine. It is AWESOME. I am always confused when I'm in there and a lady in the restroom with me chooses the paper towels instead of the Xlerator. I want to say, "Lady, seriously, you gotta try this... you are SO missing out."

The worst thing about the first floor bathroom:

Lysol. Some genius decided they should put some in there so that it didn't end up stinking like the rest of the bathrooms in the building. What they failed to recognize is that LYSOL IS JUST AS STINKY AS NORMAL BATHROOM STENCH! Ew. I hate it. It is the funkiest cleaning spray smell ever. I remember my Nana used to keep Lysol around when I was little, and I hated that stuff then, too. I mean, I'm not opposed to some sort of air freshener in there, just anything but THAT! Ooh, maybe I should just take it upon myself to swap it out with some Oust or something... hmmm....

Even so, I'm willing to suffer through the bitter sweetness of Lysol to actually go potty in a nice, clean, bright bathroom. Small sacrifices. And hey, it's better than the rat poop smell you get at the OTHER bathroom on my floor!!

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Mymsie said...

Did you hear about this? *shudder*