the 15 minute game, and other weekend wackiness.

well, for a sick girl, i've had a very full past day and a half! thankfully the antibiotic seems to be working and the mucinex has allowed me to actually breathe, and therefore to actually get things done. albeit snottily. (and by snottily i mean literally, snotty-ly.)

friday night's meet-up with my old pal tohry was great. she and i were best friends for years, and neither of us could come up with a good reason we didn't keep in touch better, besides the fact that we just got busy and then you get into that whole dilemma of needing time to catch up with the person, but never finding that time, so then you need even MORE time to catch up, making it even HARDER to find the time... many a friendship has gone this route, i'm afraid... anyway, it was truly fabulous to see her and laugh and gossip about our classmates from high school...

yesterday i got in gear and called grandma to go with me to do a little wedding shopping. thankfully no one else had already scooped her up for the day and we headed to colonial heights in search of some cornflower blue satin and a few other things. we were immediately successful at finding the exact color i wanted (woohoo!!) and i even picked up some fabric to recover the barstools in my living room (keeping fingers crossed bryan is okay with what i chose, he seemed a little hesitant). then we hopped around the heights a bit searching for a few other things i'll need for the big day, had lunch, and headed home. it's always great to spend time with my grandma...

after leaving grandma's i had to head to target and the grocery store for some household shopping, which desperately needed to be done since it seems we have been gone every weekend for weeks on end. which also meant that the household cleaning had not been given proper attention, which is where i get to the topic of this blog: the 15 minute game.

i get real simple magazine (fabulous!), and was inspired by an article they had a while back about what to accomplish in each room of your house if you only have 15 min, 30 min, an hour, etc. it was 8pm by the time i finally was ready to get to cleaning, so you can imagine that i wasn't thrilled at the idea, but it really needed to be done. so i decided that i was going to set the timer on my microwave and give myself 15 minutes for each room or section of my house.

people, this was a WORK OUT! and it WORKED! some of you may know that i detest cleaning the house, but you may also know that i'm competitive. so setting myself against the clock to see just how much i could accomplish before the damn thing beeped at me was quite the motivator. i gotta say, my house has never become so clean in a mere one hour and 45 minutes as it did last night! i mean, i even dusted the moldings! or whatever they're called. :)

so, with all of the cleaning and grocery shopping out of the way, i am hoping i can avoid being summoned into the garage (which is where bryan has been alllllll weekend, working on the motorcycle and the saturn. don't ask me what's wrong with them, i'm trying to stay out of it. :) ). i do still have laundry to do (arg), but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps i can snag bryan for some honeymoon talk and to watch the season finale of lost (finally)...

oh, and EXCITEMENT: we got our first wedding gift yesterday!!!! thanks, uncle jim and aunt brenda! now i just gotta figure out if i'm allowed to use the thank you notes that say "mr. and mrs. bryan klinger" before we're actually married... i'm thinking probably not, huh?

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