a day of fun and evil.

today was an interesting combination of fun and evil. although evil may be a bit too strong of a word.

  • found out at work that i am way better than the guy who was in my position before me. apparently he only showed up to work about 3 days a week. and didn't keep anyone in the loop. i come all 5 days and tell everybody what i'm doing, and apparently they like that better. :)
  • went and picked up our invitations! aah! they're so perty. :)
  • received wedding present #2 on my doorstep: iced tea maker! how fun! thanks again, aunt brenda!
  • had a "date" with my fabulous man at buffalo wild wings. weekday dates are rare and always exciting.
  • ate wings. man, i like hot wings. and they had the bonus effect of clearing my sinuses.
and unfortunately, then came the...

  • hopped on theknot.com to check out the message boards and see if any of my fellow brides-to-be (aka knotties) had any advice to give on deciding on a honeymoon location.
  • discovered PSA post on the honeymoon board that air france has a sale on flights to tahiti (my dream honeymoon location).
  • discovered subsequently that a flight from richmond to tahiti is on sale for $715/person--about half the normal price and a mere $65 more than what a flight to the caribbean is gonna cost us.
  • discovered the vahine island resort, also known as paradise.
  • discovered the prices of the vahine island resort.
  • scribbled some numbers on a piece of paper, converted euros to dollars, frowned a lot.
  • searched for less expensive tahitian hotels for a few of the 10 nights we'd have to be there to get the $715 flight.
  • scribbled more numbers and smiled satisfactorily.
  • told my fiance about the potential tahitian honeymoon & my proposed budget.
  • quickly returned to earth and caribbean hotel searches. :(
why did that damn girl have to tell me flights to tahiti are on sale?! EVIL i tell you! had i never seen that, i would have never discovered the cheap flights, as i had long ago given up the idea of a honeymoon on the other side of the world, and then i would have never discovered the freaking vahine island resort!

all i can say is, if i win the lottery or somehow come up with some business idea that earns me bajillions of dollars, you will find me feeding the fish through the aquarium door in the floor of my bungalow over the lagoon on vahine island....... sigh.

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