ouch, my pride and my hip

oh joyful rainy day. oh joyful leaky ceilings. oh joyful that i actually CAN do the splits at 27 almost 28 years old.

just 45 short minutes ago or so, i was headed to a different building in the hospital. i used one of the very convenient crosswalks that go from building to building, and just happened to use the top level of a 3-level crosswalk. i opened the door to my destination and WHOOM! right foot out, left foot back, i did the splits in a giant puddle of water.

and i'm wearing white pants.

lovely. juuuuuuuuuuust lovely. i made my way to the closest office and had her call facilities management, used some of the newspapers in the conveniently located recycling bin next to the puddle to cover it, and, 6 spread out newspaper pages later, covered the puddle and headed to the office i was shooting for. (and by "shooting for," i do not intend to imply that my right foot shooting out in a spray of water in front of me was part of the plan.) the ladies in there were all very sympathetic and luckily knew of a floor air conditioning unit in the next office down. so, since my flesh-colored panties and white pants were both soaking wet and shining for the world to see, i headed there to see if i could dry out a bit.

30 minutes of butt-waving-over-the-air-conditioner later and i decided i was dry enough to make my way back to my office. now, here i sit, with an aching hip, and seriously pained pride.

freaking puddles.

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wahoobubba said...

oooohhh!!! the pain! the humiliation!! the mortification!!! but i LMAO picturing it!!!! hope you're OK and i wouldn't want to be the guy with the mop walking 'round the corner as these events were transpiring.....