cough cough sniff sniff

alright, so, as it turns out, what i thought was a bad allergy flare up is actually a raging sinus infection! fun!

all week i've been feeling crappier and crappier, and then last night i woke up at 1am freezing cold, unable to breathe because i was so congested, coughing like crazy and aching all over. i headed to the spare bedroom where the bed is in the corner of the room and i had set up a pyramid of pillows the night before at 4am so that i could sleep upright (and be able to breathe), and on the way it occured to me that maybe i should take my temperature. that shivering cold thing was weird. so i tried to call out to bryan to bring me blankets, cough drops and a thermometer, but wouldn't ya know the freaking cold has practically stripped me of any voice so i wasn't able to call loudly enough for him to hear! dammit! so i made my way around the upstairs gathering these things (and waking bryan in the process). stuck the thermometer in my mouth and was very surprised to see 101.0 degrees when it was done!

now, i get sick just like the next girl, but i honestly can't remember the last time my temperature was anything higher than 98.6. so i think that was when the light bulb came on and i realized that i am, indeed, SICK! bryan came in the spare room to try to comfort me, but at that point, i just wanted to prop myself up on the pillow pyramid and try to get some sleep. so i did, rather fitfully.

anyway, this morning i got up and headed to my primary care doctor's office to beg them to see me so i didn't have to go to patient first (aka quack central), and the nurse practitioner was kind enough to confirm that, yes, indeed, i am sick. couple pokes, prods and questions about my beautiful engagement ring and i was on my way to walgreen's with a prescription for an antibiotic. thank goodness.

of course, all this meant i was not going to work, which is rather inconvenient because we have a retirement party tonight for the social worker who works on my grant, and i have the credit card to pay for it. so i guess i'll still go to that... i called a co-worker to let her know what was up and she gave me the brilliant suggestion to buy some mucinex. now, i won't say i am feeling back to 100%, because i am not by any means, but that definitely made an impact on the congestion. and at least i can look forward to an end to feeling like crap now that i have this antibiotic.

while i know it's bad form to go out on a night that you've had to call in sick from work, i kind of have to go to the retirement party, and just last night made plans to meet up afterwards with an old best friend from high school named tohry. so since i haven't seen her, besides once in passing, in over 10 years, by golly i'm still going to go meet up with her. feeling like crap or not. tohry and i have known each other since 6th grade and she is so much fun... i can't wait to get together and see where our lives have taken us and reminisce about the days of old... :) 'cause you know, we are gettin' kinda old now...

alright, off to find some lunch and go back to bed for a bit before this evening's activities. did i mention i hate being sick?

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