busy bee

tuesday night and tonight i had/have work parties to go to... on tuesday i got home around 9:30 and yesterday i was totally beat. i have no idea how i used to do that 2 or 3 nights a week for months on end at the arthritis foundation. no wonder i felt like crap! long work days and girls with chronic illnesses don't mesh so well...

anyway, tonight one of bryan's high school buddies arrives to spend a couple days, and after i make my appearance at the internal medicine intern welcome dinner, i head home to begin my 5-day weekend. yes! i am very excited to have that much time off, and am being very indecisive about how i will spend it. bryan wants me to accompany him and his friend to kings dominion tomorrow, DC on saturday and white water rafting (!) on monday, but i just don't especially feel like it. i feel like my weekends are going to be chock full for the next 3 months with wedding stuff and non-wedding stuff, and i kinda like the idea of a lazy 5-day weekend... but we'll see. all things proposed for this weekend sound fun, so maybe i'll get a little motivation and join in.

things i am DEFINITELY doing this weekend: going to have my dress fitted and going to an old friend's house for a party. should be fabulous!

i also have tentative plans to go see "the devil wears prada." i have been reading this book and it is so captivating and hillarious and it has seeped into my every moment... when my boss asks me to do something, i compare her to the crazy demanding boss in this book. my boss, thank god, is nothing like this... she is nice and smart and great to work for. but the way the book is written, it has infiltrated my daily activities to the point that i compare everythign to it! very crazy, but i do love a book that won't let you put it down even when it's nowhere near you. (and if you've never read a book like that, you're missing out!)

anyway, tata for now...

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