full friday

wow, yesterday was quite a full day! luckily got to sleep in this morning...

started out like every friday: at work. i have (gratefully) been pretty busy at work lately, and yesterday was no different. so i had a busy morning at work, then headed out to meet my dad at the print shop to pick out invitations for the wedding!

now, i had asked bryan if he trusted me to pick out the invitations or if he wanted to be a part of it, and he said he trusted me. i guess he already knew that the invitation picking process wasn't going to be the most thrilling of the wedding planning elements. but my dad toughed it out and hung out with me as i sorted through 5 or 6 6-inch thick books of wedding invite samples. it's always funny to me how well my dad knows me, when i think i'm unpredictable. okay, well, i guess the older i get the more i know i'm getting to be VERY predictable, but i think we women always like to think we maintain that feminine mystique. although now that i think of it, maybe the "mystique" part is that men can't ever figure out WHY we act the way we do, not that they can't figure out HOW we're going to act. :)

anyway, after a couple hours in the print shop, i decided on an invite, and bryan just happened to be leaving work, so i twisted his arm into coming to make sure he had no objections to the ones i had selected, and we placed the order. WOOHOO! another thing to check off the list!

after that, it was home to pack and get ready to head up to pennsylvania to bryan's parents' house (which is where we are now). bryan was speedy gonzales getting us ready to go, and we were on the road more quickly than i thought we'd be, but it still put us here really late. i made a futile attempt to help keep bryan awake on the way up, but for the most part i slept and awoke occasionally to say, "honey, you're awake, right?" i think it got annoying after a while, but i'd rather be annoying and make sure he's awake than suffer the consequences of him falling asleep behind the wheel. (in bryan's defense, i've never seen him fall asleep behind the wheel, but that man can drive with just a sliver of his eye peeking out from behind his eyelids, and it freaks me out a bit sometimes...)

so, here we are, visiting my future-in-laws and taking advantage of my work laptop that i borrowed for the weekend to make sure it works okay, and their wireless internet. i gotta say, laptop and wireless is the way to go... perhaps we will venture into that world one day.

bryan's parents had a meeting this afternoon about a motorcycle ride they're taking later this month, but before they went they headed out to search for kevin's (bryan's brother) leather jacket and vest, which flew off his motorcycle on his way out of the state last night. hope they found it! kevin is off attempting what is called the "iron butt"--1000 miles on the motorcycle in 24 hours. good luck, kev-in-law!

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KK said...

Mission accomplished. 1,014 miles, verified by Mapquest, in 23.25 hours. Thanks for the love, sis! :)