oh, what a tragedy.

last night, i picked up the phone to order our typical monday night fare--pizza from carmela, our favorite pizza joint. they have pizza night on mondays--$5.95 for a large cheese--so it's been tradition in our house for a good year or two to have pizza every monday.

so i dial the number and hear that dreaded "BEEPbeepBEEP The number you have dialed has been disconnected. Please hang up and try again." say wha?! disconnected? you've gotta be kidding. so i think maybe i've dialed the wrong number. i grab the magnet off the fridge and try again. same thing. then bryan doesn't believe me. so he tries. twice.

we sort of looked at each other in confusion and tried to figure out what the hell we were gonna do now. we don't know what other foods are available for consumption on mondays. only pizza. so we think, we'll just drive by. and sure enough, there's cardboard up in the windows. :( bryan suggested we go home and fast since we were in mourning. i was sad, but not so much so that i wasn't going to eat. so it was off to chipotle... which i could eat daily, but still... there was something tragic about eating tacos and burritos on a monday.

rest in peace, carmela. you will surely be missed.

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