bidding farewell

last night, we met up with some friends at bw3's near our house to bid our neighbors scott and amanda farewell. they are moving to northern virginia for scott to go to school to become a physical therapist. scott and amanda have been great neighbors, and we are really going to miss them!

we had a great time last night, though, in spite of the fact that we're mad at them for moving. :) bw3's has name that tune night on thursdays (apparently this is very popular, my dad told me about it on wednesday and i had never heard of it, even though i live less than a mile from the place). it was tons of fun, even if we didn't win. we learned that whether or not you win really depends on whether or not the team right before you sucks. because if they miss it, you get to answer it. so had we had a moron team going before us, i bet we would have won. next time...

i will say, i never go out on "school nights," and those two tall killians were working really hard to keep me in the bed this morning. i overcame and made it to work, but i am just about ready to lay my head on my desk and take a little nap...

anyway, here are some pictures from last night:

aren't we a cute couple... :)

the ladies of the "clover hill gang"--me, amanda and sarah

the gentlemen of the "clover hill gang," bryan, todd and scott... such a shame that sarah and todd already moved and amanda and scott are leaving us!

team "doc hops"--sarah and i. we called ourselves that in honor of scott, who will become doc hops(on) when he's done with his three years of schoolin'.

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