entering year 29 of life.

so yesterday was m'birthday. i am now 28 years old. not old, but starting to be not that young anymore. i am viciously reminded of this when i go to a convenience store and see that kids born when i was in freaking 4th grade can buy cigarettes. what's up with that?! (can you tell i am going to age poorly if i can't handle it ALREADY? :) )

for the big 2-8, i asked for a bicycle. and, my fabulous husband-to-be obliged.

so now i have a bike. for the first time in like 15 years. which means now i have to exercise. as soon as i learn how to ride a bike again. :) i tried my skills a little bit in the wally world last night, and found that i was a tad bit afraid. possibly due to the fact that i had had 2 beers and no food (which in me = drunk). but possibly because i am just a giant wuss who doesn't know how to ride a bike.

who knows. maybe i'll be the world's first female tour de france winner. well, actually, i have no idea if a woman has ever won the tour de france or even if women are allowed in it. i assume they are. but i don't know shite about bicycling. hell, i don't even know if i'm allowed to call it "bicycling" instead of just "cycling."

just, if you ever see me trying to get on my bike with one of those giant goofy orange straps holding my pantsleg down and keeping it out of the chains, or if i ever look like this guy, slap me.

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FWandR said...

Y'all never 'forget' how to ride a bike :) and don't forget your helmet ;).