seriously, come hungry.

alright, people, if you are coming to the wedding, you better come hungry. maybe eat a big breakfast but then nothing else til the reception. bryan and i went to the caterer yesterday to sample the menu we've chosen and decide on flavors for the cake. here's what you have to look forward to (if you want to be surprised, well, consider this a spoiler alert and stop reading):

cocktail hour:
chicken satay skewers with thai peanut sauce
mini cheeseburgers
gazpacho shooters in cucumber cups

crab cakes (possibly the best crabcakes i've ever eaten)
loaded mashed potato bar
pork steamship (carving station)
grilled veggies infused with olive oil
homemade rolls/biscuits
my favorite: taco bar!

layer 1: oreo cake (holy crap it's so good... chocolate cake with oreo crumbles)
layer 2: angel food cake with strawberry filling (also so fabulous)
layer 3: regular white cake (for those that want traditional)

i was so stuffed when i left there that all i could do was go home and lay on the couch and think about how good the food is going to be. :) they say a lot of brides don't eat at their reception. i have no intentions of being one of those brides. :)

so i think that's the final menu... unless bryan has some post-decision change of heart (he tends to do that with this wedding stuff). we also went over the layout of the room and timeline and stuff... the wedding is 6 weeks from tomorrow, holy crap!

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Cassandra said...

Damn Lydia! That sounds fab!!!!