the wheels on the truck go round and round... mostly.

well, let's just get right to the highlight of the weekend, shall we? then we'll get back to the other fun stuff that happened.

so, we went to pennyslvania this past weekend. took the truck. got a late-ish start sunday evening to get home... left around 6pm for a 5.5-6 hour trip. eh, no big deal... we can handle a midnight bedtime. so, we're driving along down interstate 83, about 2 hours from bryan's parents, when i start to hear this whomping noise. i say, "what's that noise?" thinking to myself that we've got a flat. then WHOOM! freaking blow out. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. just great. thank god bryan was driving and maintained control of the truck, even though we were going probably 70mph in the left hand lane with this on the rear passenger side:

we got to the side of the road and bryan had me stand watch behind the truck while he tried to change the tire. his idea was that i could stand there and alert him if any cars/trucks started to come off the road towards us. my idea was that i am not so spry that i could get out of the way of a speeding vehicle, alert him, and scramble up the 90 degree embankment if i did see something coming at us... luckily, we didn't have to worry about reacting to that particular circumstance.

after about 45 minutes, it was clear that the spare wasn't coming off the truck, so i offered to call AAA. thank GOD my dad has always kept me on his AAA plan. i am almost 100% positive i've used it way more than he has. after being on hold for a bit, the girl comes back and we have this exchange:

AAA girl: "are you in a safe place?"
me: "um, not exactly."
AAA girl: "can you get to a safe place?"
me: "um, there isn't really anywhere particularly safe on the side of the interstate."
AAA girl: "well, are you in imminent danger?"
me: "well, i'm not sure i would call it imminent, but i certainly would like to not be standing on the side of the interstate any longer than i have to be."

duh. dumb girl.

so, after about an hour, the AAA tow truck man shows up. he gets the tire off in about 30 seconds. bryan felt dumb, but we didn't have a flashlight and how the heck was he supposed to know you had to put this metal rod up under the bumper to get to the latch or whatever?

once the tire was off, it took just a few minutes for us to be on our way. stopped to check the air, and headed south. thankfully, the rest of the trip was uneventful... as far as i could tell from behind my eyelids. :)

got home at about 2am and of course still had to unload all the goodies that were in the back of the truck... lovely adventures in that truck, i tell ya...

anyway, the whole point of the weekend was the bridal shower thrown by bryan's mom, sister and sister-in-law. it was a lovely affair, and holy crap did i get some stuff. you should see my dining room. maybe i'll take a picture for you and post it. we now have all 10 place settings of our china, all 10 of our stemware and 9 out of 10 of our silverware settings. awesome! this getting married stuff rocks.

speaking of which, just 46 days to go...

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