may i have the ring please?

well, last night we went and purchased our wedding bands! they are wonderful, i can't wait to wear mine. i don't think my maid of honor has much faith in my ability to stick with normal wedding traditions (even though we are sticking with most), because she told me on the phone last night, "now don't wear it before the wedding." ha! i won't, sara, don't worry! i did try it on, but you *have* to try it on again when you get it home just to make sure it still looks as beautiful in a different light, right? :)

today i'm headed to busch gardens with that very same maid of honor. we used to go to amusement parks ALL THE TIME, but as our lives have taken us in different directions (mainly as her life took her almost 2 hours up 95), we haven't been able to do this as much. i am looking forward to it! apparently a new roller coaster just opened there on wednesday. i can't decide if i am psyched to be riding it so soon after it opens or petrified that they haven't worked all the kinks out and something will go horribly wrong. i love roller coasters, but i do still get butterflies before riding them. :) i once had a dream that i fell out of one (the anaconda at kings dominion stopped at the top of one of the loops while we hung upside down), and the sensation has stayed with me.

tomorrow: bachelorette party night! i'm very excited to have an evening out with my girls. and then sunday, i leave for a conference in DC that i'll be at until thursday. a *little* nervous about missing out on those 4 days of planning (since i seem to do a tiny little bit each day), but i guess it'll be alright.

5 weeks, 1 day...


Cassandra said...

Have fun at your Bachelorette party!

Aunt Brenda said...

Hope your bachelorette party is as much fun as Melissa's was and as entertaining.