The Ark of Colonial Heights

Last night, my friend Erin posted a blog on her MySpace about building an ark so that she and her dear kitties didn't float away in the torrential rains beating down on Blacksburg. When I read it this morning, it reminded me of one of my favorite Tri-Cities area landmarks: The Ark.

If you grew up in Chester or in the Tri-Cities (Colonial Heights, Petersburg and Hopewell for those of you not in the know), you may have seen it. It's in Colonial Heights, on a side street off of Ellerslie Avenue. When I was about 8, my mom or dad (I can't remember which) drove me past it, and I've gone by to see it every couple years since then. It fascinates me.

This is no minor watercraft. It's a giant metal vessel, taller than the one-story house next to it, and longer too, I think. The story I was given is that the man was convinced that God was going to flood the earth again, in spite of all Biblical promises not to. So he built himself an ark. In his yard in Colonial Heights. And there it has set, for years.

I wonder if Mr. Ark is still alive. I wonder what his family will do with that thing once he is no longer around. For that matter, I wonder if it's still there... I did a google search to see if I could find a picture, but I guess not so many people are as fascinated by the ark as I am... I found nothing. I need to go by there and snap a picture for you people... it really is a sight to see!

Since I know some of you that read this blog were around back when Mr. Ark was building this sucker, I'd love to know if you know anything else about its story!

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wahoobubba said...

I took you there and told the tale. I always heard about the man that was building an ark because he believed there was going to be another "great flood". True or not I cannot say. But there is a very large "boat" still sitting in a yard there and I don't think anyone ever thought it could be moved to a body of water anywhere where it would actually float. I heard long ago that the man that started this project had passed away. The shell was still there the last time I went by there.