Me 'n' mayo don't get along.

Today for lunch, I followed my pal Krystyna's lead and got an egg salad sandwich from a cart on the street outside our building. Being a hospital and being downtown, there are lots of lunch carts around. This sandwich comes from one of the carts that doesn't typically have a very long line. I've only eaten there once before, but Krystyna adores their egg salad sandwiches, and so I finally decided to try one. Sounded good to me, and it tasted good too... egg salad, a couple slices of tomato and some fresh ciabatta bread. How can a girl go wrong?

The problem is, me and mayo don't get along so well. Every time I eat something like this, made with a lot of mayonnaise, I spend the next several hours feeling generally icky... occasionally like I'm gonna barf. And I know this. But for some reason I always think it's not going to happen that particular time. That I can't possibly REALLY not get along with mayo. That maybe last time was a fluke (and all the times before). Because let's be honest, stuff made with mayo tastes pretty good. And yet, every freaking time, I get the ickiness afterwards.

I guess you could say I'm a little embarassed I can't control my mayo eating impulse.

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