Pumpkin Party.

Bryan and I finished out a pretty low-key weekend with a trip to the Chesterfield Berry Farm and some pumpkin carving. Even though this is our seventh (!) Halloween together, it's the first time we've carved pumpkins together, and it was a lot of fun!

We headed to pick out our pumpkins yesterday afternoon--the first FALL day of the Fall! I hadn't been to the Berry Farm to pick pumpkins since I was a little girl. My most distinct memory of it is going there in first grade on a field trip, and my mom and Christy Anderson's mom arguing on the bus ride back about who was the HEAD Room Mother. :) Well, maybe they weren't arguing. But there was definitely a difference of opinion there...

But I digress.

We hopped on the wagon ride and headed down to the pumpkin patch, which by this point was full of pumpkins from some other field, but who cares. It was still fun to pick them out ourselves. :)

Bryan said he wore orange to blend in. Ha! The Berry Farm was a lot of fun, would have been even cooler if we had some kids to enjoy all the kiddie stuff. On our way out, we bought a couple of butternut squash and a pie pumpkin. Bryan's gram's recipe for pumpkin pie actually calls for this type of squash, so I've been charged with creating that pie and a real pumpkin pie so Bryan can see which he prefers. :) I'll keep you updated.

After a quick trip to Target to get some pumpkin carving & lighting gear, we settled down in our living room with a lot of newspaper and our big orange gourds. We decided rather than flexing our own creative muscles, we'd use the stencils provided to us by the carving kit.

Doesn't Bryan look sweet carving his pumpkin? (Note the light behind him--he brought it in from the garage because he couldn't see his pumpkin well enough. :) )
And after a couple hours of pumpkin guts and cutting, here's what we came up with. Bryan's is on the left, mine's on the right. I think they both turned out pretty cool, but Bryan had cleaner cuts than me. :)

Of course now we are so proud of them that we're nervous to put 'em on the front porch for fear they'll end up pumpkin road kill... so for now they're in our kitchen. Perhaps tonight we'll debut our handywork to the neighborhood. :)

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