happy anniversary to us!

oh, how time flies!

it's hard to believe our wedding was a year ago this past sunday. seems like it was only yesterday, but the past year has been a great one for us. we've continued to learn about each other and it feels like we are more in love now than ever. which may sound cheesy, but it's true.

we spent our anniversary weekend in washington, dc at the ritz carlton dc. i am fortunate to have a good friend who works for the company and got us the room for a great deal of less than half the going rate. we spent the weekend doing what we do best: being dorks in love. we spent many hours at the air and space museum, and a couple more at the natural history museum. we went to a mystery dinner theater on saturday night that was fun, but not at all like the episode of golden girls i expected it to be like. (i envisioned fake gunshots and fake blood and me jumping from my seat shouting, "Professor Plum! In the library! With the candlestick!" it was more like "Oh, ha, funny, that guy did it.")

our goal was to make it back to richmond before dark, but we hit traffic outside of DC and outside of richmond, too, so we didn't make it back until about 8:00. nevertheless, we were determined to recreate, to a small degree, our wedding day. we stopped at brown's island first, where we stood in the spot where we got married, smooched, and professed our continued love and commitment to each other. then we scurried over to main street station, where bryan carried me up the stairs one more time, in spite of the extra pounds on my derriere since last year and no wedding day endorphins to give him additional strength. then home we went, where we exchanged cards, tried not to watch the eagles get trampled by the giants, dimmed the lights in the living room and danced to our first dance song, ate some of our wedding cake (thanks, grandma, for saving that for us!) and finally crawled into bed and watched our wedding photo slideshow. it was the perfect anniversary weekend... a little practical sightseeing, a lot of fun with each other, and some romance thrown in for good measure.

at 5:45 or so, we stopped and snapped a picture of us. this is about the time we were actually pronounced married. i'm hoping we can make this an annual tradition so we can watch ourselves age... we shall see. i compared this picture to one of us on our wedding day right after we were married, and, i gotta say, we looked a little better last year. of course, we were trying harder. :)

i'm so grateful for the love we have, and hope we have many, many more years ahead together!

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