This tri-lingual business is taxing.

This morning, like every Monday, I had my Spanish class. This is my third semester of a one hour a week conversational Spanish class. I've learned enough to catch 70% of what the Mexican twins say when I watch Heroes on Monday nights, but not enough to actually hold up my own end of a conversation in Spanish... I understand it better than I can originate it, if that makes sense.

So anyway, last week we were given the assignment of watching a movie in Spanish and then giving a 3-5 minute presentation about it in class today. That's all fine and dandy. I watched Pan's Labyrinth yesterday and wrote a few sentences to say about it last night.

I get to class today and finally it's my turn. At the last minute I realize I need to throw in some key facts I had left out--director, where it was made, etc.--and also I find that as I'm talking about it, there are a few other things I want to say. And do you know what happened? I couldn't find the words in Spanish, and instead of finding them in English to ask the teacher how to say what I wanted to say, I kept thinking in FRENCH! Every word I tried to find in my overloaded brain in Spanish I found in French. And it was annoying the living shit out of me. Pardon my English.

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