OMG, we wnt 2 KD!

My brother and sister came down at the end of last week to go to Kingsfest, a Christian concert series, at Kings Dominion with their church youth group. On Saturday, I decided to join them for the day at KD. We had a great time, although I didn't get to spend much time with Zech--he was too busy running around with his friend Chris. Victoria and I spent the day together, though, with a few glimpses of Zech and his curly haired sidekick, and we had a great time. It was fun to share stories of the bajillion times I've been to KD thanks to years of season passes when I was younger. And the best part was that the park was filled with tons of church youth groups, which seemed to outnumber the usual motley crew of rifraf you see at the park. I mean, I hardly even worried my bag was going to get stolen while I was on the rides!

I took my camera, but, in true lydia fashion, I hardly remembered to take pictures. I did take some of Zech and his pal on the Drop Zone, though, which are a perfect reflection of my little brother's personality:

"I am way too cool to smile for you to take a picture of me. Also, totally bored with this ride that takes me up 272 feet and then drops me at 72 miles an hour."

"Okay... here we go... she probably can't get a picture of me smiling from this far away... this actually is fun. I wonder how my hair looks."

"Holy crap, that was a rush... but not really... way too cool to care. Man, I bet my hair looks good after all that wind blowing through it!"

You know I love you, Zech! And your hair! ;-)

Every time I look at him I think about my mom's high school yearbook from the late seventies. Same hairstyle. And now that I think about it, my little brother reminds me a LOT of Jordan Catalano.

Come to think about it, Victoria and Zechariah could be characters on My So-Called Life. I will have to tell them to watch that show...