White Girls Can't Jump

I must have been feeling feverish on Friday night, because Bryan and I were sitting on the couch and trying to decide what we were going to do to occupy our evening, and I said, "Do we have tennis rackets? No, we don't... how about basketball? Wanna go play basketball?"

If you know me, you know that those are just about the most uncharacteristic words I've ever spoken. I don't do sports. Hell, I don't do physical activity! And my husband does. And so that man's eyes lit up like he had just gotten a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. He practically ran into the garage and got the basketballs before I could change my mind, and I realized that as much as I had really just been talking out of my ass, I was kinda obligated to go along with this idea... which was mine to start with. Somehow.

So we headed to the neighborhood next to us, where we know (he knows) there are basketball courts. Unfortunately, there were about 20 teenage boys at one court, and there was no way in hell I was putting my poor, poor athletic abilities on display for those kids. We headed to the closest elementary school--the hoops were taken down for the summer. In a final desperate search for an open court, we headed to the local high school and hit the jackpot! A big open basketball court with 8 hoops and no one around to see me make a fool of myself.

We played for about an hour... if you can call it playing. Bryan shot hoops, I marveled at the fact that I could dribble and walk at the same time and that this was natural for me while walking and carrying a basketball, and then I got really fancy and ran and dribbled at the same time! It was at this point that the sky opened up and the angels sang.

It was actually a lot of fun, in spite of the fact that I probably attempted about 50 baskets and made perhaps 5 of those. :) Bryan really enjoyed himself, and, who knows, maybe we'll go again sometime... I can only improve from those stats!


Mymsie said...

My brother made me learn to throw a spiral but he never taught me to shoot the proper way with the wrist flick. I could break a nail though so... ;)

Brie said...

Hahahaha. :)