Yay, America!

Well, I was starting to think this 4th of July was going to be a bit of a bust, but the R Braves Firework Crew proved me wrong.

Until Thursday morning, we had plans to head up to Pennsylvania. Many weeks and weekends of neglecting our house, though, made us reconsider, and we finally decided to stay home and do things around the house instead. Not the most fun holiday weekend, but PRODUCTIVE. And boy, do I like productive. In the past two days, I have basically done spring cleaning on the entire downstairs of our house, including hand scrubbing all of the linoleum. My hands hurt, but damn, those floors look good.

Last night, we decided to head down to Colonial Heights to watch the fireworks, because I do not do 4th of July with no fireworks. Wouldn't you know, they were canceled because of the weather. ARG!
To make up for missing them last night, we decided to go to the Richmond Braves game tonight. I have never been able to figure out where the best fireworks in Richmond are, and I think I got my answer tonight. It was an awesome show, complete with patriotic music and cheering fans. I love that experience, of celebrating the fact that we are all Americans and we're happy to live here and have the great lives we have. Granted, the majority of people watching fireworks probably aren't thinking stuff like that between their "oohs" and "ahhs," but I am. I even shed a couple of tears during the national anthem/finale, when everyone stood up and removed their hats. I might not seem like the most patriotic girl in the world, but the history of this country does not escape me, and I know that if I lived somewhere else or if things hadn't happened the way they had, I would not be leading the life I lead. And I really dig my life as it is, so... yay, America. :)

The Braves lost, unfortunately. Oh, and it rained for the last three innings of the game. But after that fireworks show, none of that really matters. :)

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