Back to reality.

Well, peeps, we're back!

We got home yesterday afternoon from our two-week adventure in South Africa. Thankfully our return home was not at all stressful, since my dad picked us up from the airport and Delta was kind enough to hang on to our luggage in Atlanta for a few extra hours and deliver it to our house yesterday evening. I mean, seriously, it's not all that bad when your luggage doesn't quite make it on your plane if you're just going home, because then someone ELSE lugs that shit to your house for you, AND you get a few hours to decompress at home before you have to feel guilty that you haven't unpacked your suitcases yet. Am I right, or am I right?

People keep asking me how the trip was, and my response has been either "it was great!" or "it was amazing!" Because, really, how the heck do you summarize fourteen days where you did something different EVERY DAY? So I figure I will give a pretty detailed recap of our trip on this blog as soon as I can sift through the pictures and get my thoughts together, that way if you want to know exactly what happened, it'll be here. If not, well, just don't read it. I promise my feelings won't be hurt. :)

Seriously, though, it was a super trip. South Africa is a beautiful country and each different town we went to was significantly different from the one before it. I think we both loved the variety of beautiful scenery, but the animals were the highlight, with our safari game drives and visits to various animal parks/preserves/farms.

I can't wait to tell you all about it, and I promise to do so soon! :)

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