Overheard while Working for the State

The researcher works for a division that is, for all intents and purposes, split. One administrative assistant handles the research side, another handles the clinical side. This conversation occurs between the researcher and the RESEARCH administrative assistant.

Researcher: The punch button lock on my lab is broken, I can't get in, can you help me?

Admin. Assistant: Well, there are two clinical doctors' offices in that lab, so Dr. X's assistant is going to have to help you.

Researcher: She's not in today. What should I do?

Admin Assistant: I don't know. That lab isn't my job.

And what, you may ask, was the solution to this problem? 1) Call facilities management and tell them the lock is broken. 2) Go to the person you know has the master key for the floor and ask her to use the key to unlock the door.

Actual time taken by someone willing to help to solve the problem: 3 minutes.

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