Grammer Family Fish Fry

Last weekend, my dad's side of the family got together for a family reunion. We used to do this every year at White Bank Park in Colonial Heights, but I think it's been probably 15 or 20 years since we got together. My Uncle George, who is my late grandfather's brother, mentioned to my Uncle Bruce (my dad's brother) last year that he missed those gatherings, and once the idea was planted, the Fish Fry plans got underway.

The culmination was a gathering of about 70 people in my grandma's back yard last Sunday. I knew approximately 1/3 of those people, recognized another 1/3, and if I had ever seen the other 1/3, I was only about 10 years old and don't remember any of them. At one point I was talking to my dad about this and looking at the people who are roughly my age, and realizing that I very well could have been playing with them on the swings and merry-go-round the last time I saw them, but lord knows we all look very different than we did then!

Uncle George was a cook in the Navy back in the day, so he was on fish fry duty. Uncle Bruce battered the fish and handled the to/from the grill duties, Bryan somehow ended up cooking the cornbread (deep fried on the grill--YES!), and my dad ended up cooking the hot dogs and burgers for all the non-fish eaters. My dad was the only one not in the shade in front of his grill, and when I asked how the hell that happened, I found out my dear husband had told him to go cook the dogs/burgers. Nice, dear... bossing your father-in-law around?! ;-)

The fish was A-MA-ZING. It was catfish, but not like any catfish you've ever had. The cornbread was awesome too--even I had never had deep fried cornbread from the grill!

We also had a cole slaw cook-off. I had never made cole slaw in my life, and it turned out alright, but I knew I would not be winning any awards. My stepmom Brenda, my cousin Heather, Uncle George's wife, Aunt Irma, were the top 3. Bravo, ladies!

Bryan's parents also came down. They've become part of the family, and all the Grammers were thrilled they could make it. (Well, all the Grammers that know them, anyway!) They're always getting schooled on the art of being Southern, so this was their first time for catfish and pecan pie. They loved both. :)

It was a great day, and I really hope we do it again! You can check out more of my photos here.

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