Our Great South African Adventure: Day 3

Note: I'm posting the trip in increments of one or two days, so make sure you start from my first post and work your way backwards--just follow the titles!

  • Plan for the day was to see some of the natural wonders of this part of the country before arriving at Kruger National Park. Weather was worse than the day before—the fog was not making our photo ops look very promising.
  • Bryan thought maybe if we gave the sun a little time to burn off the fog we’d have a better chance to see some things, so he “forgot” to turn in the key to our hotel room and didn’t “remember” until we were about five miles down the road. And since it was a real live key, not some plastic card thingy, we had to turn around.
  • Bryan’s “plan” worked! We got to our first site, Blyde River Canyon, and we could SEE! We visited one area of the canyon called the potholes, and one called Three Rondavels. Truly a beautiful place, but I have a thing for canyons anyway… Next we tried to go to God’s Window, but it was so foggy that Linda drove past the entrance to it because the sign was hidden behind the fog. Yeah, we weren’t going to see anything from there.
  • After a quick lunch in Graskop (at some crepe place, yum!), it was on to Kruger! We got to our camp, Pretoriouskop, around 5pm, and were greeted by a bunch of monkeys, guinea fowl and impalas running around the campsite. We stayed in a chalet, which in this case was a fancy word for “concrete thatched roof hut.” It was simple, but nice. Dinner was at the restaurant at the camp—I had some sort of venison stew (not sure what the meat was, but it was tasty), Bryan had a steak. It was Chris’s 60th birthday that day, so Linda bought him a cake and a bottle of wine and the wait staff sang Happy Birthday to him in both English and Zulu. Cool, huh?

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Mymsie said...

Neato hut! Can't wait to read about your other adventures.