bridezilla moment, thwarted again!

alright, so i sort of suspected as this wedding approached that things would begin to go wrong... or at least there would be little snags. well, i was right. but! i have been determined to maintain my composure and NOT become one of those crazy girls you see on those bridezilla shows, and i think i'm doing a good job.

so on friday, i called the hotel i have rooms blocked at to let them know we'd need to increase the block of rooms i had reserved. i played phone tag with my contact there, but he left me a message telling me he would increase the block, no problem. well, saturday morning i wake up to a message from bryan's sister saying she just booked her room, and they told her it was the last room in the hotel. i reasoned that 1) maybe there was a misunderstanding and she just got the last room in the *block* and they hadn't increased the block yet and 2) it was saturday and my guy wasn't going to be at work anyway. so i sorta forgot about it and went on about my bidness.

sunday, i went down to see my stepmom, stopped by my friend jodie's, went to the grocery store and headed home (all that after like 3 hours of tetris playing sunday morning... so addictive). bryan had been home working on a couple of the vehicles in our driveway, but had also checked his email and received a message from one of his college buddies, saying he couldn't get a room at the hotel because it was full. oh, freaking fabulous. just great. so then i started to freak a little bit. i got online to see if maybe you could still get a room online, but no. hotel was indeed full.

so yesterday morning i come in to work and call my guy at 8:02. i pretty much knew he wasn't going to answer, but i had to call ASAP in order to resolve this as quickly as possible. i'll spare you the details of how it happened, because this story is getting kind of long, but in the end, they added 20 more rooms to our wedding block! yay! (there had supposedly been a group still blocked off in the system who had changed their date and didn't need the space anymore.) i was incredibly relieved, and went back to my ol' calm, colllected (mostly) self. :)

now if i can just get a bridesmaid dress that fits my sister i'll be alright.... (another small snag in the works.)

39 days...


cablegirl546@yahoo.com said...

hey don't worry be happy in heaven we only get to remember the happy times. so, please when times get tough remember to make them happy moments. We need to laugh and make EACH MOMENT A HAPPY MOMENT . r u making each moment a happy time cuz' we will only be here a while and memories are happy times we what to keep. Ardy taught me that
when you were seven.I love ya.momma

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonymous said...

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