bookworm me.

i recently discovered that in spite of years of motion sickness while reading in the car, i can read on the bus! and in the car! i have no idea how this happened and will spare you the details of my discovery. the reason i bring it up is, this means i now have more than an hour a day on the bus that i can read, in addition to whatever time i find at home. this is thrilling to me.

for that reason, and because i have read a lot of good books lately, i started yet another blog, called leg's library. there's a link on the left side of this page. so, if you ever want a suggestion of a good book to read, check it out. it'll be my thoughts/reflections about the books that i read. i got this idea from someone i ride the bus with, actually. he told me that he was never much of a reader until he started riding the bus, and after he reads a book, he jots down a little paragraph describing it so he remembers what he's read. i thought that sounded pretty darned bright, considering i have a habit of reading something, jumping to the next book, and promptly forgetting about the one i've just put down. :)

just a note, in the next couple of weeks there may be more entries there than you think one girl can read in that time, and you'll probably be right. i'd like to put some already-read books up there now, too!


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