i'm #343.

my dear husband went to barnes & noble and got my wristband for me since i am at work and couldn't go. this wristband is my "golden ticket" to purchase my harry potter book when the clock strikes 12:01am. they started handing them out at 12p. he went by around 12:30 and there was a line all the way outside and around the front of the store. he went back about an hour later and got my wristband.

i'm #343.

i called to see if this did indeed mean that i would be #343 in line to purchase my book. it does.

so... i'm gonna go and see what happens. after i go to the big party in richmond, that is. there is a strong possibility i'll be jumping the b&n ship and headed to wal-mart instead. we'll see.

all i know is, i am so freaking excited.

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