go to PA for the weekend, take 2

alright, so after bryan's failed attempt to visit his family in pennsylvania the weekend before the 4th of july, we tried again this past weekend. this time, we were in a car, we were together, it was light outside and it was not raining. all of these things contributed to a nice, problem-free voyage up north. :)

our weekend in PA was very nice. saturday was the klinger family 4th of july picnic, which is always a good, relaxing time with tons of excellent food. (for all my southern peeps, you'd be happy to see that yankees have virtually the same things at their picnics we do... only they have weird (but yummy) turkey barbecue and pierogies. :) )

on sunday we had brunch with bryan's parents and his sister and her son stopped by, then we went to see one of bryan's high school buddies who's a school psychologist but is working at a local pool for the summer. ah, the life of a teacher... makes me daydream about summers off... must be nice! after visiting for a few minutes, we headed south and stopped off to watch bryan's cousin michael race his dirtbike.

now, i am usually pretty open to things that involve risk. i realize that risky things are usually a ton of fun if done properly. but we watched this one kid who was about 12 years old be basically run over by his bike as he somersaulted on it. he laid there for a few minutes, the EMTs came and looked at him, then he got up and got back on his bike and drove off! i wanted to cry watching that kid wreck, but he GOT BACK ON AND DROVE AWAY! i looked at bryan and said, "our children will not ride dirtbikes. i'd have a heartattack." remind me i said that if we ever have kids and i ever consider letting this happen.

we got back on the road and made it home late sunday night, and now back to the grind.

in other news, bryan is healing nicely. last night was the first night he went to bed unbandaged since the accident, so that's progress, right? his middle finger is still bothering him, but as you can imagine he's making the best out of that finger sticking up on its own... :) tonight he's going back to softball, but i'm hoping he doesn't play just yet... not like i can tell him not to, though...

tonight i begin a belly dancing class with my friend krystyna offered through the chesterfield county parks & rec department. this should be interesting. i have no idea what to expect, but i'll let you know how it goes. :)

and tomorrow... the new harry potter movie at the IMAX! woohoo! can't wait. this'll give me a little harry potter fix as i wait for book 7 to come out next week!

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