pottermania and motionsickness.

ast night leslie and i went to see the new harry potter movie at the IMAX theater. i was totally stoked and forced her to arrive an hour before it started to make sure we got good seats. while waiting that long is annoying, i think it was a good idea. we didn't get the best seats, but our seats were pretty good. and even then, i was ill, as was she.

the movie itself was excellent. when i left i was so excited for the book to come out next week that i almost felt like skipping (almost). i can not believe that in just over a week i'll know how harry's story ends... it's thrilling, yet also so sad. i love watching the characters come to life on the big screen, and that ron weasley is getting more handsome by the day (harry's not too bad either, but reminds me too much of my little brother. :)). some things were condensed/switched around a bit, but i know jk rowling is consulted and understand that you can't realistically cram every page of a 3-inch thick book into a 2ish hour movie, so it's all good.

the problem was, watching a regular movie on an IMAX screen is a little nauseating to girls like me who get motion sickness. at several points, newspapers spin and flash onto the screen to cover the action quickly, and by the second or third time i had to close my eyes or risk hurling right down onto the heads in front of me. not only that, but because the screen is so big, you sometimes have to look all around you to see the whole picture. or their heads were so big that it took a second to figure out what exactly you were looking at.

i thought maybe it was just me, but i got an email from leslie this morning that said she went home to a vicious migraine accompanied by vomiting. lovely. she was sweet, though--immediately after sending that email, she sent one that said, "i had fun, though..." :)

so i think leslie and i concur--all future big movie releases will be viewed on regular movie theater screens. we'll save the imax for when we WANT to feel like we're traveling through space.

in the meantime, i am dancing in my seat with anticipation of next friday at midnight.

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