shakin' it.

so, after last night's belly dancing class, this is what you're gonna see me dressing like from now on! and if you hear bells ringing, that ain't santa, it's me!

okay, not really. although there were a couple ladies dressed like this there, and quite a few more with their coin belt thingys on, jingling all over the place.

belly dancing was fun! i was surprised at the turnout--i'd say there were at least 25 women there, ranging from late teens on up. i enjoy taking a class like that, because that means that the chances there will be someone in the class worse at what we're learning than me are pretty good. :)

i was glad to have my friend krystyna there to conspire with and make faces at when something wasn't working out quite right (ie, standing on the balls of your feet and moving your hips up and down at the same time... say wha? i'm not that coordinated/balanced). we did a lot of hip shaking a lot of circle walking, and i am proud to say that i'm not sore at all today! so we all know now that while my fitness level sucks, i am at least fit enough for day 1 of a belly dancing class. who knows what will happen next week. :)

after the class i headed up 95 to bryan's softball game. he wasn't playing, but they were going to be there for another hour so i figure i'd be social. i enjoy chatting with the other fan--another players wife who's usually my sole partner in the stands--and last night another wife showed up too! so it was like a big party. :) honestly couldn't tell you if the team won or not, but i was just glad my dear husband had the sense enough not to pick up a bat or a glove quite yet. i'm guessing it's not far off, though...

in just a few short hours: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the IMAX! yes! can't wait.

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