not the perfect chef, the PAMPERED chef.

so the older i get, the more domestic i get. my mom likes to remind me that as a young teen, i cried when she tried to teach me how to make fried chicken (a skill i unfortunately never learned), and insisted that i would marry a rich man and would NEVER have to cook or clean!

ha. funny kids.

now, i love to cook. bryan reminded me last night that while i might think he buys nothing but stuff for the garage, i do the same for the kitchen. and he's right. i love kitchen stuff. i am totally into my real simple magazine and my better homes and gardens, too. i am becoming not just a career woman, but a housewife too! god forbid! ;-)

so it should come as no surprise when i tell you that this past weekend was spent almost in its entirety doing things that involve being domestic in some way.

saturday: a trip to the pottery in williamsburg with my friends tammy and hailey, wives of two guys bryan works with. we bought house stuff. we had lunch at a great little french bistro in colonial williamsburg, where we talked about being wives. :) oh, then we went to the christmas shop. and i swear to you, you know you are headed to june cleaver land when you shop for christmas ornaments in july. for real.

when we got home, i hadn't gotten everything i wanted, and needed a few things from the grocery store, so i went back out to stein mart and target, where i bought placemats, a rug and some curtains. and can i tell you that i now find greater pleasure from buying house stuff than clothes? how has this happened!

sunday: prepared for my 2pm pampered chef party by waking up and cleaning the house, then my college roomie arrived (she was our pampered chef consultant). we chatted while i finished up a few things, then we set to work in the kitchen getting things ready for the party. i made sausage squares, spinach dip and guacamole while she prepared our strawberry amaretto pastries.

the party started, and i was a total dork, gushing to my pampered chef newbie friends about all the things i love from them. (for those not in the know, pampered chef is a line of cookware/kitchen utensils, sold a lot like tupperware at parties.) seriously, if you open up pretty much any drawer or cabinet in my kitchen, you will find at least 2 pampered chef items.

we had a great time chatting about all these gadgets, and when it was all over i sat in my (basically) clean house reflecting on how much i dig being a woman. because this domestic stuff is fun! except for the house cleaning. still wouldn't mind having someone else do that part for me. :)


Lucky Mom said...

I enjoyed myself at the pampered chef party too. It is so great to have an afternoon off...

I'm sure that I am the one who bought the most stuff and hope you reap the benefits of it...I love buying that stuff and love cooking too...the thing you wouldn't believe is that I end up making macaroni and cheese 3-4 nights a week! Ugh.

Anonymous said...

bryan!!! please call me when an event like this happens again!! i'll save ya!!!