At last, an A+ Weekend!

Yes, people, that + means what you think it does--my dear Bryan FINALLY got TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW!! Wooohooo!!! Ah, blissful to have the man I love at home with me...

But that isn't all that made the weekend get such high marks...

Friday started things off well: I took the day off from work! I had much to do before the party on Saturday night, and also had agreed to help with some set up stuff for the Arthritis Walk. Got up early and headed out to get my hairs did, and then back home to do some cleaning and meet up with my dad. I had asked for his help on Thursday night, because I really did not want to have people getting lost in the grass and unable to find my house when they arrived for Grandma's birthday party on Saturday night, and since I had no idea if Bryan would have time to cut it before then, I called in backup. My dad was a trooper and cut the grass for us... THANKS DAD!!!! Our yard is about 3/4 of an acre and bumpy in spots, so it's no small job.

After setting up for the Walk Friday evening, Bryan called to say he was leaving work and what was I doing. I was headed to Costco, and it turns out he was, too! So we met there and had pizza and a hot dog... so romantic. :) Bryan finished up the purchasing, and I headed to the grocery store.

Saturday was the long, but wonderful day. I had to get up at 5:45am to head to the Arthritis Walk. As the Health Expo Coordinator, it's my job to direct the sponsors to their tables and make sure everything is set up properly and runs smoothly in that section. I've been on the volunteer committee for the event ever since I left the Foundation, and that job is the one that I remember always being the hardest to find someone to agree to and the biggest pain in the rear if you didn't have a volunteer covering it.

The Walk was great... a huge success! I love going there and seeing my big arthritis family and coming together for the cause.

Me and my friend Erica... those blue hats mean we have arthritis!

Just before the Walk began... it was a great turnout, and BEAUTIFUL weather!

Gryffin, my friend Traci's six-week-old son. Already doing Arthritis Foundation events!

After the Walk, it was home to get ready for the party. I cooked way too much food, but it's fun to cook these things that I usually have no other reason to cook! Spinach dip, buffalo chicken dip, cupcakes, chocolate chiffon pie, nana's pasta salad, apple dip... Can you tell I like dips?? :)

The fam began arriving around 7pm, and we settled in for some food, drinks and fun. It's always great to get everyone together, although we missed Aunt Elaine, who was at a conference, and everyone was bummed that the Klingers weren't able to make it down (next year, we will have the throwdown closer to the actual tri-birthday date of April 7 so that it's not warm enough for you Klingers to go anywhere on your motorcycles yet! :) ).

We had a great time, although much tamer than last year. :)

Uncle Bruce, Dad and Grandma

Aunt Lois, me and Heather

Amanda and me... my partner in crime when I used to visit Pop and Grandma (back then she was MANDY though)!

Amanda's children, Araya and David. Cutest kids ever.

Grandma opening her gifts... finally gave her our wedding album. Come on, it's only been a year and a half!! :)

And Sunday... rainy, nasty, gray, first Sunday the hubs has been off in I don't know how long... and so we slept in until past 10am (how I did that, I do not know) and then did a whole lotta nuttin'. We watched some tv, read the newspaper, took a little nap on the couch... Bryan at one point decided he was going to go out in the garage to work on his dirtbike, but he came back in after about 5 minutes. Now, if you know Bryan, you know that he MUST be worn out if he can't even muster up the energy to play in his garage!!!

Around 5:30pm, we decided we should do *something*, so we headed out to Oasis Sports Park and played a round of mini-golf, then went out to dinner at one of our local Mexican joints. It was really a great Sunday, especially considering how gloomy the weather was!

So hopefully the wacky hours are officially over for this Spring and life can get back to normal. Next weekend: a trip to Bath County to see Vic & Zech play soccer and then get Vic ready for PROM!! God, how is that girl a JUNIOR!??!

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